Privacy Policy Statement

1. Commitment

The privacy of our website visitors and clients, both existing and former, is very important to us. We are committed to safeguarding any information we collect, use and hold about you.

2. Data Collection

When you register it is necessary that we collect some personal data from you for business purposes. By understanding your needs, we can treat you fairly as a client; we can provide you with the most suitable products and services. This may include^ but nit limited to Personal information needed during the online registration applications/forms. Please note that if and when you choose to end your working relationship with us we must keep your Personal Data on record for a further seven years.

3. Use of Personal Data

The following list illustrates the reasons why we may need to use your Personal

  • To verify your identity;
  • To manage the account you have with us;
  • To process your transactions;
  • To send you information about transaction/post-transaction services;
  • To keep you updated with news on our products, services and any other information relevant to your working relationship;
  • For website improvement purposes;
  • For the analysis of statistical data which will help us provide you with better products and services in the future.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small bits of data stored on a web browser when you visit a website for the first time. If you visit that website again in the future, the storage of cookies on your browser enables the website to remember how you browsed through it the first time. For example, it can remember your username and password. Cookies are used on this website in order to offer our users a more customized browsing experience.

Cookies explained

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer by a website you visit in order to enable you to perform certain functions on the website and regulate its content to your preference. They can store data on pages which you have provided key information for (e.g. when you provide a password) but only once you are asked and you accept to the storage of this information. Cookies may be used on some pages of the site for us to provide website users with a more customized web browsing experience; they are not used to determine the personal identity of anyone merely visiting the site.

What kind of cookies we use?
Session cookies

These cookies are temporary cookies as they are deleted as soon as you close your browser. Session cookies are used to retain the information you provide us with as you navigate through each section of our website.
You can choose to decline session cookies via your browser’s privacy settings but please note that this may have a negative impact on your browsing experience and particularly if these are declined across all websites.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies may include both temporary and more persistent cookies that we use to track how you use our website and for how long. Analytical cookies do not divulge any identifying information specific to your person but they do help us improve how we provide you with our content.
Refer to your browser’s privacy settings on how you can opt-out of analytical cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies record and save your choices in order to provide for a more seamless experience across our website. One way functional cookies do this is by remembering your language selection each time you visit us.
Refer to your browser’s urgent privacy settings on how you can opt-out of functional cookies.

Third Party cookies

These cookies are used by third parties and mostly by social media websites like Google+, Facebook or YouTube. Third Party cookies allow us to offer you easy ways to share our content throughout your social media and also present you with the videos we post on YouTube.
You can disable the use of these cookies through your browser’s privacy settings but please do note that this will also disable all the functions described above.

Why we use cookies

As already mentioned, we use cookies to ensure the optimal functionality of our website and cater our content to your personal preferences. As a regulated broker you may rest assured that any personal information we collect, through any means, will not be shared with third-parties.

5. Protection

We are committed to protect your Personal Data by adhering to strict security standards and using the most up to date security technologies.

6. Your Consent

Once you access this website, you give us consent to keep, use and disclose your Personal Data in compliance with this Policy Statement.

7. Your Rights

In compliance with the Data Protection Act, every user is granted a number of rights in relation to their Personal Data. These rights include accessing and/or amending your Personal Data, putting a stop to the processing of this data and preventing undesirable marketing. We will ensure that your personal data is protected in compliance with the applicable Laws and Regulations for the protection of Personal Data.